A Pink May

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Ever heard of the phrase “in the pink of health” ? Check out this link – in the pink.

I was once told by a teacher during high school not to use that phrase in our future letter to her. (I don’t know what make the phrase sound so repulsive to her, anyway) Well of course after I finished my high school, people hardly write letters to each other when they can simply email people to say hi. Gosh, how I miss getting hand written letters with great looking stamps on the envelope.

The pink rose picture above was actually taken last year. I just found it while looking for materials to be scrapbooked to be entered into monthly challenge. It’s hard to get good pictures of non-people related since most people who scrapbook usually will use pictures of their family members..huhu!

BTW, just to wish everyone reading this a great pink month of May ahead. April has not been a good month for me personally, thus I am hoping May could be a much better month for all of us.

Well, for all the mothers out there, happy mother’s day in advance. It’s 8th May, right?

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