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Things have not been great for the past few days, although not entirely affecting us physically and emotionally. But today it seems that the situation has improved. I have a lady student today for bunga dip class. She has been contacting me for quite some times to attend the class even before I gave birth but she is always unable to make it during weekend. The class went well despite the fact that she can’t stand the smell of dip solution and got nausea…heh! My first vomiting student ever..keh keh!

Saturday I will be conducting decoupage class, the first after quite a long time since my last class. (I think the last one was held in Oct 08) My initial plan is to conduct class for 4 students, but now I have to open the table for 7..heh! It’s not a big deal since I used to conduct class up to 25 students at one session for Puspanita activity. I like to conduct decoupage class since it’s easy to handle and less messy compared to dip class.

Next week I’m not going to conduct any class since we have a wedding invitation to attend. And this wedding will be my son’s first formal occasion as well. Hopefully it will go well with him. Somehow I just realized that I don’t have any new baju kurung to wear..huhu!

Well, considering I don’t work during weekdays but on weekend, the above title won’t be so appropriate. But Friday means that Hubby will be available to look after baby during weekend and I will be a bit relaxed for 2 days…heh! So, people, enjoy your weekend and see all of you online next week!

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  1. selamat berhujung minggu…

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