Out Of Cooking Gas..

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Blame it on this bergedil picture, found in one of my picture folders…huhu..Actually I was looking for a picture of me and then I found this picture of soto set I made in January.

So when Hubby came home, I took the car and went to Jusco to get daging burger, potato and nasi impit Adabi. I was cooking while watching CSI and Ghost Whisperer when suddenly I realized the cooking gas was out at 12am ++…waaaaa…where to buy gas at that time..even 7E don’t have gas stock..so in the end I resorted to fry the bergedil and chicken pieces in the ever so slow old rice cooker…if only I have deep fryer..huhu!

With all the trouble that I had to go through, we managed to eat the soto at 2:30am. Hubby decided to work from home today since I woke up at 7am, rushing to the toilet because of terrible diarhea..must be the combination of too much 100 Plus and sambal kicap or whatever I ate all day yesterday..huhu!

I still don’t have the cooking gas but Hubby already had his lunch by reheating his bowl of soto in the microwave. With the diarhea incident, I supposed I wouldn’t be able to eat the soto for the second round..sob! sob!

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