The Turqoise Bunga Dulang Stokin

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

For those who have been wondering why the quite long silence, it’s actually because of this..


Despite the fact that I am really, really lazy to complete the order I pushed myself to do it anyway. I have decoupage class on Saturday and spent the whole Sunday to assemble all the daun and bunga into one piece..huhu. So by 6:30pm I managed to complete all 6 sets.

After Maghrib we left for Keramat and now I am free from the bondage of bunga dulang. What is left in the to-do list is 120pcs of bunga dip for 2 clients (well, at least for May wedding season). I still have lots to do for niece’s wedding in August.

Hopefully I will be all bright and shiny and not fall into the category of those who suffer terrible morning sickness..hehe!

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3 Responses to The Turqoise Bunga Dulang Stokin

  1. hi. im interested to order 7 bunga dulang for my upcoming wedding. i like what u did in ur picture. can u send me a quotation?


  2. Nis

    Hi.. do you have this turqoise color but in bunga dip??? how much 1 set? delivery to spore. thank you.

  3. nur azmira

    hi….i want to make an order 7dulang of bunga bunga dulang stokin..can i get a price??thanks

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