28 November 2003

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

A Wedding Wish to a Special Couple

Wishing for the two of you
the happiness of sharing,
The pleasure of companionship,
the joy that comes from caring,
A life that brings you
all the things
you hold especially dear,
And love that grows
more beautiful
with every passing year.


Quoting from a wedding card we received from a friend, 2 years ago…

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3 Responses to 28 November 2003

  1. nur

    cantek baju and tudung ko..sedondon gitu? arrgghh poning den mikir bj ape kain ape design ape utk majlis nih.. hehe *padahal lama jek lagi*

  2. nur

    kak, lama aahh x update? busy arr? eh aku nk link blog lerk ko, ok naa? :D

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