Using a Reindeer Hide Rug in Modern Décor

Modern decor plans are all about using space well. Each homeowner will need to think about all areas of the house and how best to make them workable. For many people, the answer lies in the details. Effective details help make the space come alive. Today’s apartment dwellings and homeowners think carefully about whatever they do. This includes the kind of flooring they choose to use. The right flooring can also help any room come alive with texture and color. When looking for flooring, many people find that a rug is the right choice for their personal needs. A rug can help create a defined space that works and allows the room to serve as a refuge when getting home after a long hard day.

Using a Rug

A rug should be used carefully in any space. This is particularly true of reindeer hide rugs. Rugs made from reindeer skin can be used in many varied ways. Some people choose to place them on floor. Doing so helps the room come alive and makes it easy to create special spaces that allow for pleasantly intimate conversation. A rug of this type can also be used in order to help set the stage for other items in there. For example, it can be easily placed on the couch or a love seat so as to help create a luxurious item for people to admire and sit on.

Where to Place the Rug

Another consideration is where to place the reindeer hide rug. Such rugs can work well in any area of the home. Many people choose to place the reindeer skin rug in the center of the room to help show it off. The rug can also be placed in a corner as part of an overall decorating scheme. One person may decide that it makes sense to use the rug to cordon off a section of the room and make it feel much cozier. The rug can also be used on the wall to help set this corner off from the rest of the space. A rug can serve as a form of decoration that melds well with other elements in the room including other throws and other pictures.

Crafting a Unified Space

Each homeowner should think about how they can create a unified space in their entire home. For some people, this means a space that has many elements. For others, a single element such as a rug can be paired with a few other upscale items to create a look that is all about the use of contemporary space. In doing so, each person can create a room that is entirely their own. When looking at the rug, keep in mind that it can work well in any part of the room including near windows as well as near a door or a terrace. The net result is a unified and coherent space that works well from every single angle. To view more animal skin rugs click here.

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Dominos Fabulous Four


There are days when I don’t feel like cooking so we order pizza. Well, that’s because Domino’s is the only food delivery service that is available to my housing area at the moment. Usually my eldest will want cheese pizza while the second one wants bread, the cinnamon one.

Occasionally, we also order the add on menu like mozzarella stix or chicken crunchies.

So when I saw the promotion for this Fabulous Four today, I thought let’s give it a try.

The box comes with 4 add on menu which I’m pretty confident the children will eat at least 3 out of 4 -the cinnadots, chicken crunchies and mozzarella stix.

The chicken drummets was not eaten, they tasted it a bit but don’t like it.

Sigh, what can I say, the children are really fussy eaters, sob sob!


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How To Measure Your Ring Size

Lately there’s a lot of nice rings from China sold on eBay. Being an avid eBay bidder, I’ve been trying my luck to get a nice one below the price of USD1. The shipping worldwide is usually free.


The above ring I got with the price of USD0.44. This one is in size 7. The first few rings that I managed to bid were in bigger size as I was not sure what is my ring size.


The chart above shows the measurement for the ring size. This is for US ring size.


I have received the one in the picture above and it is so nice, like the antique type you saw in historical drama. However it is size 9 and definitely too big for me to wear. I am still waiting for a few more designs which I managed to win.

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Washi Tape On eBay


A few months ago I started collecting washi tape after seeing how pretty it adorned cards and letters sent by my penpal. I bought most of my washi tape collection through bidding on eBay. First I compared the price on eBay with the price that local seller offers and when the bidding price is much lower than the local price, then only I will proceed to bid.

So far I have about 30 washi tapes with different size – 5mm, 7mm and 15mm. I hope to use them on the travel journal as well which is on its way from China. I will share the outcome of my washi tape art later :)

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Augmented Reality Flash Card


A friend gave this to my son as his birthday present last year. At that time he was still too young to appreciate the 4D flash card. This year we decided to buy him his own iPod rather than having both of them fighting over the one at home. So Hubby installed the apps and showed him how the flashcards work.

Embark on a fantastic space exploration experience right within the confines of your home with Space 4D+ by Octagon Studio.

Space 4D+ is a collection of educational Augmented Reality flashcards about space. In these cards are a mine of information about the solar system, planets, space objects, satellites, rovers and space missions. See the solar system and the planets come amazingly to life in Augmented Reality.

All you need to do is to download the Space 4D+ app FREE from App Store or Google Play store and then scan the cards.

To activate the space 4D+ cards, users have to register a serial number that is printed to the instruction card. Each serial number can be used on a maximum of three (3) devices. After registering the serial number, the user can scan the cards using the space 4D+ to begin a fascinating journey of discovery.

I’m thinking to get another set of card from Lazada, maybe the one on dinosaur.

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