Quiet Time

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

At times I love being a mom..well, the part that you are loved and needed all day long, even at night (when you have a breastfeeding infant). But I also crave the ME time and the quiet time.

As a crafter by passion, I need the quiet time so that I can think creatively. You can’t come out with anything beautiful when everything is chaotic. So when I have the extra energy to wake up early after the morning feeding session, I really appreciate the quiet time and the ME time.

It doesn’t matter if I don’t manage to do anything crafty during that precious length of time, as long as I am on my own, enjoying the lack of children noise..heh!

Like today, I took out the garbage because Monday is garbage collecting day in this neighborhood. And then I bring out the laundry line out in the sun. I water the plants and even spray them with diluted fertilizer.

I decided to cut down the effort of making hot Milo and opt for the cold boxed one from the fridge.

And then I switch on this laptop and start checking the emails and see the stats of this blog.

I transfer the images from my smart phone to the storage in this laptop in case something happen to my phone and I will lost all the priceless pictures of my children.

And then the baby starts to cry..well, there goes the quiet time. Till later, readers :)

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