New Baby New Challenge

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Honestly, after 5 years I have forgotten what it feels like waking up at 3-4 am to change diaper and feed a baby. And then the new bundle of joy arrives and I get to experience the zombie mode once again..huhu!

There is time in a day that I am so tired that I sometimes fall asleep while holding the baby. This is definitely tougher than I thought because each child demands differently. But to compare this with my firstborn experience, I can say that it’s much, much easier.

At first I was scared because the second son sleeps well most of the time and only wakes up for breast milk like once or twice in 3 hours. During the first week, I even checked whether he was breathing because he slept so soundly and didn’t wake up even with loud noise made by his elder brother. With my firstborn we have to whisper and tiptoe in the room, no kidding!

We are now entering the 3rd week of life together and hopefully as time goes by, I’ll get the hang of it and adjust well to the routine of sleep and take a nap whenever I can..huhu!

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