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MAHA 2012

It’s that time of the year again. For those who love plants, fruits, to see livestock and farming machinery, this is your chance to check out MAHA 2012. I’ve been to MAHA every year, mostly to check out the floriculture … Continue reading


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Eight Million Gods and Demons – Hiroko Sherwin

Google Books synopsis: A haunting portrait of a fascinating age-Japan between the Meiji Era and the end of World War II In Meiji-era Japan, where the standard of beauty is the graceful geisha and the greatest joy a woman can … Continue reading

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Pinkish November Rose

For those who know me on FB, you will notice that I keep on posting pictures of my roses almost daily now..hehe! Well, the truth is somehow my fertilizing method and foliar spray effort after the deadheading and massive pruning … Continue reading

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