The Artisan Roadtrip

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

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Honestly I love roadtrips. Hey, who wouldn't? You get to get away from the mundane routine at home, save yourself the trouble of doing laundry at home, washing dirty dishes and throw the garbage…haha!

Imagine if you are going on a roadtrip to some place you have never been to, how easy it would be if there's a website or any kind of reference for you to read on what sights/attractions you should see, where to eat and stay and the additional tips that could save you from the biggest vacation headache.

If you are planning on this year summer vacation, check out the pa-roadtrips on Roadtrip-a-Matic.

If you ask me which kind of roadtrip I would choose, it's definitely the artisan one.

My first safe choice would be to the town of Bellefonte. Known by the locals as the “Central Pennsylvania's Victorian Secret” this charming town is home to artists such as Ziggy Coyle, who creates amusing and fun ceramic figurines, to Susan Nicholas Gephart, the award-winning landscape painter – take home one of her colorful impressionistic pastels and oil paintings. I will also check out Etcetera, Etc an artisan store featuring wearable art, accessories, etc, and handles regional and national artists.

Err..I’m not sure whether my son and hubby would be thrilled to join my artisan roadtrip, but I have no other crafter friend in mind that I want to drag with me and torture.

Or maybe if I want the roadtrip to be hotter..I could go on this Glass Trail roadtrip.

As I am a kinesthetic learner, I would love to try my hand with the hand blown glass at the Bethlehem hub. I will also check out their art galleries at the Banana Factory. This arts center houses three galleries, 28 resident artist studios and the Lehigh Valley’s only hot glass studio.

So any crafter out there interested to join me on my artisan roadtrip? Check out the site and share which trip you would want to go on.visitPA-Roadtrip_box_720px.jpg

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