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Hello May!

Tomorrow will be 1st May. Happy Labor Day to all those working. I have some plan till noon for tomorrow but after that I am not sure whether I will have the energy to spend on gardening. I would love … Continue reading

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Morning Lark or Night Owl?

Time does fly after all in parenting world..haha! When my son was a baby, the first year was like a terrible nightmare. The second was not a rosy journey either. Now in his third year, things are getting better. By … Continue reading


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The Gardening Mission Continues..

We went to IKEA on Saturday, or rather I was the one who went into IKEA while both father and son spent time in Starbucks. I was hoping to get some gardening supplies like the colorful spray bottle and perhaps … Continue reading

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Kelas Decoupage May 2012

Kelas decoupage akan kembali dijalankan May ini. Kali ini peserta akan diberi pilihan samada nak membuat decoupage atas pinggan seramik atau cermin kayu IKEA sebegini. Jika ada masa, mungkin boleh diajar teknik crackle dan trace wording dan warnakan dgn acrylic … Continue reading

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Daily Gardening Regime

For the past one month, my son and I have been involved with the gardening regime diligently. Every day he will ask me to go out and water the plants. On days that I need to do some repotting, he … Continue reading

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