The White And Gold Bunga Pahar Stokin

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Finally, I completed them, all 70 pcs of the white and gold bunga pahar..clap clap!

You will never realize how time and energy consuming making those bunga telur until you do it yourself..huhu!

I have a client who told me that in an effort to save cost, the family decided to buy materials and decorated the goodies for an event. It turned out that it cost them more in term of effort and energy. Even the maids have to be pushed to help around to complete all the goodies..haha!

So if you are interested to order such custom made bunga pahar, please give me at least 2 months to get everything ready.

To the client, may everything goes smoothly as planned for your November wedding. Semoga kekal bahagia hingga ke syurga :)

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4 Responses to The White And Gold Bunga Pahar Stokin

  1. Yinhasni

    Clap..clap..clap utk MQ finally siap bunga pahar tu..
    penat terasa berminggu2 menyiapkn goodies utk tetamu…
    Klu kat kg2 biasa nnt saudara mara dtg tlg ada bg kerepek/rempeyek/inang2 1 tin biskut tu.Ada jgk sumbangan minyak masak, beras etc. Kn catat semua pemberian sbb nnt kena balas balik. W/pun x minta dibalas tp kita kenalh berbudi bahasa. Btl kn…
    Suka sgt tgk kerja tangan MQ … :)

  2. MQ

    kat bandar dah susah nak dpt camtu, Yin..kalau ada yg dtg hari sebelum, tolong pasang kan telur kat bunga pahar tu pon dah bagus sgt..huhu..time anak kita kawin esok2 lagi la tak tau mcm mana..

  3. Sabrina

    Masih ambil temoahan buat bunga pahar ke ya. ?

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