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On Choices

Sometimes when I was out of patience and energy to wait for my son to fall asleep, I made promises. Like last weekend, I told him if he sleeps, we can go out and buy Hot Wheels. So on Saturday … Continue reading


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Al-Fatihah To A Friend

I lost a friend today, to stage 4 stomach cancer. It is so sad. I knew her since we were like 18, 19 way back during college years. We were even working in the same company after both of us … Continue reading

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Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2011

For those who are still in the dark about the massive and long awaited annual book sale ever, do check out their official website – Now they even have twitter and facebook where they usually post weekly contests to … Continue reading

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Almost 3..

Taken from Raising Your Spirited Child: “Kids go through developmental surges. You can mark it on your calendar. Somewhere around their birthday and their half birthday, you can expect trouble. They get cranky and uncooperative. They might be incapable of … Continue reading

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Toys For Girl

My grand niece turned one early this year. Since I only have a son, I was not sure what a toddler girl that age might love to play with. After spending some times pondering the range of girl toys at … Continue reading

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