What’s Up December?

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

It’s been a while since my last update.

I am drowned in daily life routine. I have a lot to share but seems to be lacking in term of time and energy.

We managed to go to MAHA to let the little one see cows, sheep and goats in real life. We brought him to Rabbit park in Berjaya Hill as part of his birthday celebration. We let him feed the swans in the lake at Colmar Tropicale.

Other than that, the usual toy shopping, new clothing to fit a bigger boy. Outings with him are much better now that he can run on his own and enjoy food. Still the attention span is not long enough as he gets bored quite fast, but we found out that if he has a toy to play with, we can at least eat our meal peacefully. For once, we were able to have a decent time at the restaurant without having to take turn to eat.

I know things are getting better and can foresee that parenthood won’t be such a great burden anymore as our dear son is getting wiser. But I am still not interested (or rather feel repulsed) with the idea of having another child. Why should I when having one is more than enough? Unless you can afford at least 30K per year to pay for first degree tuition fees in a local private U, the idea of having more children just for the sake of procreating is just too absurd and stupid.

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  1. Hubby

    Well, in the future we still need human resource to work at fast food outlets, deliver items, to name a few.

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