Conservatory For A Home Based Office

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Have you guys ever heard about conservatories? I’m sure most of us have seen one, at least on TV but we never know that’s what it is called. Conservatory or also known as sunroom could be turned into a green house, an extra living space and even a home based office.

There are various types of conservatories to choose from – Victorian or Edwardian, Sunroom or lean-to, Gable Front and P-shaped conservatories. Those different types of conservatories come with different features that suitable for either minimum space or expansive lawn.

For those with the ability to construct, you can even buy the kits to build your own DIY conservatories. The simplest structure of DIY lean to conservatory is usually comes in four sided glazed walls and with sloping roof.

The best part of having a conservatory is that you get to enjoy the view of the outside and soak in the natural sunlight. Of course if you were to convert the conservatory for a home based office, you have to take into consideration about installing blinds or other window treatment to minimize the heat and glare from the sun.

I personally feel that having a conservatory is a good idea for a home based office. You get to save on electricity especially in a country like Malaysia where sunlight is always in abundance as you don’t need to switch on lights in the room during day time for work.

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2 Responses to Conservatory For A Home Based Office

  1. z4cque

    I want one, definitely. Tapi kaca tuh macam panas sikit kat malaysia,hmm, camner yek

  2. MQ

    maybe ada jenis kaca yg boleh reflect panas, yg tinted tebal mcm kat cermin keta tu ke..tapi conservatory ni sesuai kalo dpt rumah yg ada halaman luas, umah sebuah yg jauh2 dari umah org lain..kalo tak duk kat situ jiran2 pon skodeng baik punya..

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