Hire People, Not Companies!

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Have you ever heard about SkillSlate.com? Well, I haven’t heard about them until today. They are actually a search directory for individual service providers to connect directly with consumers.

Reading the company blog, I totally agree with their statement that says,

“Individuals service providers care more about their work, create closer bonds with customers, and do a better job, which ultimately makes for a better experience for the consumer.”

As a WAHM, I value my clients very much. I put a lot of effort into the kind of handicraft work they pay me to do for them as I know it means a lot especially when they buy those craft to be used during their wedding or special event. Most of the time it is not so much for the profit but because I want them to be happy and satisfied when they finally get what they pay for.

Individual service providers like tutors, dog walkers, cleaners tend to charge less than bigger companies because they don’t have the overhead costs of a larger company. But as consumers, it is hard for us to find one with good reputation and great feedback from past clients.

That’s where Skillslate comes to the rescue. Imagine if you are looking for affordable Brooklyn tutoring services, just by filtering your search criteria you will get about 161 tutors who are able to teach in Brooklyn. You will get to see their picture, their profile and how much they charge per hour. You can also contact them via the online form.

Or if you are looking for hair stylists in New York that could come to your place to prep you for special occasion, at the moment they have 106 hairdressers in their directory for you to choose from.

I wish we have some kind of service directory like this in Malaysia. It will be a great help for SAHM or WAHM like me who is juggling with time and a toddler to do everything on my own. For now having a pay-by-the-hour cleaner would be a good idea so that I could focus my energy on entertaining my son.

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2 Responses to Hire People, Not Companies!

  1. z4cque

    menarik! jom kita buat :D

  2. MQ

    jom..boleh membantu org2 yg bekerja sendiri n org2 mcm kita yg suka duduk di rumah..hehe..

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