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A d v e r t i s e m e n t

I just checked out some useful blog entries online and I think I have to go and check out the Body Shop sale tomorrow..heh!

Thanks to blog The Zestful One for coming out with this entry : The Body Shop Malaysia 2010 Sale + price list.

I am not really into make up but if there’s any good shower gel, I am into it..heh! And for something that’s below RM20, I will definitely grab one. Just check out her calculation, take this as an example:

Body & Shower Gel – Peach & Raspberry (250ml)

* Retail Price: RM24.90
* Discount : 50%
* Price after discount + 10% members = RM 11.20

With different fragrance to choose from, I could buy a few tubes and they could last me for many months. Eh, for a mom like me, it’s very nice you know, after a long tension day of taking care of the little one, to be able to pamper yourself with shower gel like that.

And the tea tree range is on 50% discount as well..wah facial cleanser is kind of nak habis ni..should I switch back to tea tree oil cleanser?.hemm..the usual Biotherm cleanser that I am using now costs me RM95 per tube..will think about it in my dream tonight..heh!

But whatever it is, this is really something to look forward this weekend. I will be earning some money tomorrow from my craft class, so I don’t feel bad about spending something for myself..hehe!

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