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Clay Modeling

As promised to dear Hubby, here is the entry about our clay modeling the other day. Hubby brought us to the Gardens because I wanted to find some craft and art items in Art Friend. I spent 2 hours in … Continue reading

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A White Gardenia

Have you ever heard about a flower that is called gardenia? Here is a white gardenia for you to see. It is also known as bunga cina. Why? Maybe because it has a strong scent and white in color. You … Continue reading


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Celebrities Who Stink

What a way to wrap up this week for Project Alpha Instant Cash Blogging..hehe! I was about to get a shower (macam tau2 je I stink as well..keh keh!), go out for dinner since tomorrow is my day off from … Continue reading


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Agar-Agar Kering For Wedding Favors

I found this blog that sells agar-agar kering while bloghopping. I thought the owner is doing a good job and feel that I should mention her products here. If anyone is looking for agar-agar kering for wedding favors, do check … Continue reading

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The Body Shop Member Sale

This is a must write entry, even though I am so sleepy at the moment. I managed to check out the Body Shop outlet nearby my old place around 9pm despite the fact that we have been out the whole … Continue reading

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