Road Trip with My Broadband

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

I think for most of the hardcore bloggers, it will be really a bittersweet thought when they have to go on a road trip to places with no Internet access..hehe!

You need to go on that trip, be it for leisure, business or family matter, but then you will not be able to access the Internet for the whole duration of your trip..isk..isk!

As if your life will depend on it, you keep on wondering whether there’s any important email or a comment on Facebook that you die, die must reply..keh keh!

I know I have that kind of empty feeling of not being connected if I can’t be online the whole day.

For someone like me who have been connected to the web world for the past 12 years, once you are not in ‘that’ world, you feel like you are missing something (like a smoker who has not smoked for few hours, or an addict with no resource of the addiction)

But with this Wiggy, you can’t be bitter anymore. Just chuck it in your handbag, once you are in a proper place to be online, take it out, connect to your netbook/laptop and are back in the virtual cyber world. Of course you have to be strong to smash out any ugly stare from your family members who can’t stand seeing you online even during family function..(just an example of an extreme case, yours truly wouldn’t do that!)

So if you have to go to London because you are a celebrity blogger, you must have something like this Wiggy to accompany you. Or else how would you’ll be able to blog about that important trip of yours, right?

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