The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

For those who are still not sure what is Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, do check out their official website and facebook. This time they are having the book sale from 26th Nov till 2nd Dec, 10am – 9pm at Amcorp Mall, 3rd floor. I can’t compare how they fare this time with the previous sale they had in Dataran Hamodal, PJ. But for me, we had no problem in finding parking space since we went around 5pm for both 26th and 27th Nov (yes, we celebrated Raya Haji by buying books..haha!)

Check out this book of Love Letters of Great Men. I saw the book in Borders a few months ago, but since it is RM30++, I thought save it for some other time. Then I watched Sex and The City the movie, the book came out again. So when I saw the book at the Big Bad Wolf for RM8, I just grabbed one and put it together with the other piles of books I have in the box..keh keh!

If you noticed the double copy of Life Lessons for Busy Moms, that one is for my friend dwimaya who couldn’t make it to the book sale..heh! The pictures shown here are only books that I bought for myself. Actually we bought more for the son and 3 technical books for Hubby…(who can get technical books which usually priced for RM80-120 each for a mere RM15 anywhere else??..isk!)

I was hoping to buy craft or gardening books on the second visit, but they only have knitting related stuffs and Western garden. So I ended up buying these cooking books which mostly are hard cover or coffee table books (which all these while I can only afford to drool after checking out the normal retail price)

I will try to update about the Children books later. Most of the hard board books we bought for the son are priced at RM5 each, which are usually priced at RM10-RM15 in local bookstore like MPH…what a real bargain, right?

I can’t wait for their next sale next year. Hopefully by that time, our son is bigger and I can concentrate more on finding books I like. Thanks to Hubby for taking turns babysitting the son while I tried to rummage through the books I wanted to buy..heh!

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7 Responses to The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

  1. mai

    agak2 kalau i gi esok ada byk lgi tak ke dah habis? haritu xsmpt nak terjah

  2. MQ

    tak sure la ada lagi ke tak buku2 baru..sebab second day yg i pegi tu, ada certain genre dorang tak de refill yg baru pon..but you should go and see, takkan la dlm beribu buku tu tak de langsung yg menarik di hati kan..hehe!

  3. wahh… best ok! anyway thanks tlg belikan itu buku.. xox

    eh cuba2 la bawak semi-anon kan nama tu :P

  4. MQ

    dah, aku dah anon kan nama ko..ehehe..

    aku tgh baca buku positive discipline tu, tebuk2 kejap baca buku busy moms, kejap baca buku sleepeasy..rasa mcm takmo tido nak baca semua2 buku tu..huhu..

  5. bestnya!! nak gi lah next yr..pls buat reminder post utk next yr ok!

  6. wow! sgt best dpt beli byk2!!! Love Letters of Great Men tu best… :) sume2 tu bape ratus? ade smpi 500?

  7. MQ

    fara, total cost tak sampai RM500, rasa nya RM406..

    ida, I dah buat announcement dah about the sale in previous post..u tak perasan kot..hehe..tak pe next year I announce lagi :)

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