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Nuffnang And I..

I’ve been putting Nuffnang ads on my blogs for as long as I can remember. And up to this day I have managed to earn about RM300++ from them..heh! I know it’s not much but it’s still good money compared … Continue reading

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The Now-Not-So-Nice Garden

Remember my previous entry about my garden? These were the pictures taken about a few weeks ago. Now my garden is not that nice anymore..huhu! The next door neighbor decided to put up the wall and the Indon contractors spoiled … Continue reading

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More About Beading

I have been researching on the design of beadwork to do on my baju raya this year. There are many pictures from other beaders that I have saved in the hard disk. So I showed them to Hubby and asked … Continue reading


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Beading On Baju Kurung

I’ve got my baju raya from tailor last Saturday. And now I am contemplating whether to sew beads on it. I have been researching several designs from other beaders online, but it seems that the design I like will need … Continue reading

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