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The Aquaria KLCC Visit

Just as I managed to upload all these pictures using the very-very slow broadband connection at home, I realized that I didn’t put watermark on them..sigh! I am too tired to delete everything, edit them in Photoshop and upload again..I … Continue reading


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Are You Well-Groomed Enough?

Last month Hubby was busy interviewing candidates for 2 posts at his office. Since his US based company doesn’t place much interest in candidates’ appearance, the aspect of grooming is not one of the criteria of hiring that they take … Continue reading

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Brilliant Baby

I know most people are still busy celebrating Hari Raya. I was tired with all this Raya commotion and decided to indulge in something more beneficial. After all my son won’t be a baby forever and since his brain grows … Continue reading


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Aidilfitri 2009

This year celebration started with lampu ketupat..heh! We bought 2 sets at Jusco, one is the LED set and the other one is the typical lampu cepat terbakar with ketupat at the bottom of the rows. Like last year’s tradition, … Continue reading

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Few Days To Hari Raya..

I am happy this year to celebrate Hari Raya. Reason No.1 : it’s our first Aidilfitri together as one family. Reason No.2 : I don’t have to endure long hours of traveling as we will be celebrating it here…as per … Continue reading

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