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Every Mother Is A Working Mother

The phrase “working mother” is redundant. ~Jane Sellman It was the kind of splendid September day when sending kids to school just feels wrong. Fortunately, that year I was home schooling and calling the shots. Plus we were living in … Continue reading

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More Than A Decade..

To My Husband, My Friend, My Love, At times, I get preoccupied With routine things I do, And somehow fail to let you know, How much I think of you.. But dear, If you could read my heart, You would … Continue reading

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A Homemaker, Bibik & Neighbors

I think there are many pro and cons when you are a homemaker in the housing area where most of the neighbors’ wives go out to work, leaving you with their bibik around. First, the neighbors might have this impression … Continue reading


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How Many Kids You Want?

It’s kind of a popular question..if you are not married, people will ask when will you get married, once you are married, they will ask are you pregnant yet? and once you popped out your first child, they will ask … Continue reading

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The New Studio

I’m not sure how soon I can be back into full operation, but currently I’m doing some hantaran stuffs for a friend for a July event. We decided to devote this one room for my SOHO space, means that this … Continue reading

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