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When You’re A Mom…

It’s been a while since I managed to update this blog, not that I can’t be’s just that the time has been occupied with something else. I realized that when you are a stay-at-home mom, the time you have … Continue reading

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The Year of Ox

I maybe a bit superstitious when it comes to all this prediction and zodiac thingy…well, I only believe the good part so since the Year of Ox 2009 is considered to be unlucky year for people who are born in … Continue reading


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What I’ve Learned…

Over the past 45 days I’ve learned many things – baby related and not so baby related. Among the many things, I just realized that Andrea Bocelli is blind. I watched his performance in Martha Stewart show one night that … Continue reading


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Our Baby’s Day Out

My 44 days berpantang is not over yet but we managed to go out last Saturday (Hubby said bukan dah 41 hari kira aci la kan since there are people who take berpantang only up to 40 days, heh!) … Continue reading


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Bila Nak Merdeka…

Jeng jeng jeng..I am almost there..about a week towards my merdeka day..not that I’ve been following strict berpantang regime for the past few days..heh! I’ve been walking up and down the stairs, did the laundry, went out to dry the … Continue reading

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