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Oh Anak!

Abah kata, cepat-cepat lah besar, badan keras boleh timang-timang, boleh buat kapal terbang.. Pak Long kata, cepat la besar, nanti boleh pegi jalan-jalan, pegi Aquaria.. Mak Long kata, bila besar, kita pegi night zoo tgk monyet kecik… Mama kata, cepat … Continue reading


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The Paed, Sinetron & Long Weekend..

We managed to find a paed to go today. Reason being Hubby is worried sick that our son has been breathing heavily and has stuffy nose. Actually we wanted to go and check yesterday but all paeds were on Christmas … Continue reading

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The Upset Tummy…

My son who hardly cries succumb to the pain of his upset tummy last night. Blame it on me for eating the black pepper sauce in the Prosperity burger..or was it the Tropical Herbs herbal tea? Well, I’ve drank another … Continue reading

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30 More Days To Go..

The most anticipated thing after the baby was born is the merdeka day from the confinement period. I have 30 more days to go, to be spent in this bedroom..huhu..although I think I will cheat every now and then, to … Continue reading


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Almost 2 Weeks..

I’m blogging this as I am waiting for the mak bidan to come and complete the 3 day mengurut and bertungku session. I SMSed her earlier to come at 2pm (I woke up at 1pm) but she replied that she’ll … Continue reading

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