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The New Alas Meja..(Raya Prep Pt.II)

We went to the Curve and Ikano yesterday after the 4D scan at Vision College. Thought of trying the RM15.90 IKEA buffet but at 6:30pm the line to the cashier was like very, very packed..dah la tak boleh bayar dulu … Continue reading

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Ketupat Palas, Santan Segar..(Raya Prep Pt1)

I suddenly have the craving to eat ketupat palas with gulai (curry) daging for this Hari Raya. I was thinking lemang won’t taste the same, tak de excitement like when you open up the palas leave to eat the … Continue reading

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I’m Done With….

For this Hari Raya, I’m done with all these preparations: 1. I have cleaned the old plastic, decorated containers and filled up with Raya cookies. 2. I’ve decided to cook nasi daging, ayam masak merah, kari daging, rendang ayam and … Continue reading


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Jeng, Jeng, Jeng…

Somehow I feel happier tonight..not sure whether it’s the beryani that makes my day or just the hormone raging in my head..heh! I was a bit down after looking at pictures of old friends in Facebook, pictures of them excelling … Continue reading


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Why Oh Why?

I seem to be out of ideas on what to do everyday..huhu..with no current project I just feel so bored at home. I can’t be spending the whole day before break fasting time, cooking in the kitchen. I usually spend … Continue reading

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