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Babylon A.D, Nasi Kandar Pelita & DVDs..

We went out yesterday after work. Hubby asked whether I want to watch movie in Sunway..yeay..since Babylon A.D is the latest movie I thought it will be a good idea to watch it..but damn, it was strong storyline, makes … Continue reading

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The Choice of Raya Cookies..

I’m done thinking whether to make raya cookies for this year or just to the end I decided to just buy from the usual seller, my senior from school. At least I know how the cookies taste like so … Continue reading


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The Shopping Bugs Bite Again..

After a long break from the eBay shopping, I am now being bitten by the shopping bugs again..huhu! I found this great looking organizer, which I feel like buying (at least I can keep the work-in-progress papers inside), although it … Continue reading

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Out Of Cooking Gas..

Blame it on this bergedil picture, found in one of my picture folders…huhu..Actually I was looking for a picture of me and then I found this picture of soto set I made in January. So when Hubby came home, I … Continue reading

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The Typical Monday

I’ve been meaning to update this blog on Monday afternoon but I was busy chatting and doing laundry. Later I was in the kitchen cooking dinner – masak lemak kobis, goreng cencaru, ayam masak lemak cili padi. Then while watching … Continue reading

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