Naked Boys In Singapore

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

If you are some pervert with something else in mind that happened to come over at my blog searching for something else, go, go away..heh!


This was taken nearby the Cavenagh Bridge while walking pass the Fullerton Hotel towards the Merlion Park. I think the figurative sculptures portrays a bunch of boys jumping into the Singapore river, enjoying afternoon swim.

Well, how easy life in that era, huh! You can find joy in something as cheap as jumping into a river. I wonder whether anyone insane enough to go naked and jump into Sungai Selangor (is there even one nowadays?..hehe)

If you are in the vicinity you can check the description of that 5 naked boys sculptor – “The first generation”. I think he is Chong Fah Cheong (born in 1946), a local Singaporean artist.

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3 Responses to Naked Boys In Singapore

  1. teringat zaman kecik2 dulu di kampong terejun tambam di sungai bila balik kena marah hehe…

  2. MQ

    zaman saya sungai takde, parit dgn tali air ada la..tu pon tunggu balik kg baru buleh main air camtu..hehe.

  3. Teringat masa kecik kat rmh nenek berkubang dalam kolam. Kat felda pulak,sibuk tangkap ikan kecik2 kat paya belakang rmh..sekrg dah xde …

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