Oh Merlion!

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

This is among the last tourist attractions we managed to go to on our trip to Singapore. We saw another Merlion in Sentosa island but this one is the official one in Merlion Park.


We took the MRT and stop at Raffles Place station, walked around the area and saw Esplanade from far. There is one bridge nearby the Fullerton Hotel and we just walked according to the sign.

Then we saw people (can only see their legs from the tunnel under the Anderson bridge) and I know they must be flocking at the Merlion..heh!

Oh, I did pose with open mouth (imagining the Merlion is spitting the water) but couldn’t get a good pose because I was too conscious of other people watching me gaping..but you should see so many others with funny pose at the park.

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2 Responses to Oh Merlion!

  1. Ada sorg x-coursemate sy br je amik gambar sambil mulut tergangga kat Merlion tu its look real….

  2. MQ

    tu la..gamba yg di amik tak berapa real sebab asyik tergelak2 sendiri..org lalu lalang dok tgk gaya2 ternganga..

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