Ketulusan Hati – Anuar Zain

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

“mencintaimu tak mengenal waktu
tak mengenal puitis
hanya tulusnya hati
mencintaimu tak mengenal ragu
keyakinan hatiku hanya untuk dirimu selalu…”

Heard this on radio while driving to Mc Donalds to buy Prosperity set for Hubby who was at home having fever. I should have bought Anuar Zain’s new album, very mushy and sentimental…heh! I wish someone would share the original video clips of his new songs on YouTube, I thought this would do for now since it has the lyrics for those who like to sing along.

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6 Responses to Ketulusan Hati – Anuar Zain

  1. Ye betul tu..
    Klu dgr lagu yg “lelaki ini..” cuba bygkn yg hubby nyanyikn utk diri ini hahaha..(kuat beragan tul aku ni)..

  2. deena92

    ske gle lgu ktulusan hati by anuar zain nie..this song is one of the best song he had ever sing..

  3. memang best!anuar zain chayok!!

  4. tulus tul ANUAR ZAIN ni kan..ha3

  5. Noriko Moses

    Wow, I like your blog !

  6. Thanks for posting that great music ;)

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