The Wedding Anniversary Week

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Hubby took 3 days annual leave in conjuction with our wedding anniversary. The initial plan to stay in Cameron Highland was not carried out because we were so lazy to send the car for service. Then another plan to stay at Colmar Tropicale was down in the drain as well after reading such bad reviews on the Internet by those who have stayed there this year.


So instead of going anywhere for the anniversary, we decided to go out and shop..heh! But before that, on the day itself I got this bunch of red roses from Hubby…I love roses so much..heh! The day after we went to Mid Valley because I wanted to see the newly opened The Gardens. Oh, we watched movie Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium in Mid Valley GSC and had supper at Carl’s Jr. I bought books and some magazines at MPH.

Then the next day we went to The Curve, another book spree at the Borders and then more shelves shopping in IKEA. Now I have a neat craft corner in the living hall, easier to get supply during my craft classes.

I have another day to spend with Hubby but I think I’m done with all the real shopping and window shopping. We walked around the shopping malls until my legs hurt..heh! Oh, I got a skincare set of Biotherm from Hubby and in return I bought him Azzaro Chrome perfume. I have used the products for one year about 3 years ago but switched to few other brands. Now I think I will stick to Biotherm until my oily skin problem could be resolved before I change to anti aging products..huhu..I’m getting older by day now, (who doesn’t, right?), heh!

To Hubby, thanks for being a wonderful partner, complementing my life in every ways possible and I hope we will have many years ahead together. I love you, muah!

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4 Responses to The Wedding Anniversary Week

  1. Happy Aniversery….
    Smoga berbahagia hingga ke syurga…
    Smoga sentiasa beroleh keberkatan dan kerahmatan dr Allah s.w.t
    enjoy every moment together….

  2. ce ce ce, gamba penuh simbolik gitu, hadiah2 from hubby tercinte. bes nye! dpt skincare set lg tu (mana gamba?) aku takde pun skincare2 set ni, dok pakai deep clean ntrgena cleanser je. hehe. toner takde, moisturizer pun takde.

    anyway, happy anni to both u. with more happiness to come!

    and nice rack (latest entry). bes nye dok rumah sendiri kan. mcm2 bole hias rumah, arrange perabot etc. bole jd interior designer n dpt self-satisfaction decorating our own home sweet home :)

  3. MQ

    ada ke skincare pon nak buh gamba..poyo la plak aku semua benda nak tunjuk..hehehe..alah skincare set biasa nak belikan musti la suka, cuba duit aku, 3-4 kali keliling kaunter pon tak beli2 gak..dari awal tahun dok usha..tapi aku rasa sygnya duit, beli brg kraf ratus2 tak pe plak tu..

    nway mmg best ada rumah sendiri..tak de sapa nak bising kalau umah bersepah..freedom sungguh..suka hati nak kemas ke tak ke..hehe (tu aku la..ko kan mmg pengemas..)

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