More Decoupage Materials Needed

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Just as I thought my source of income from blogging will see very little dollars into the Paypal account, huhu.. I got confirmation to teach decoupage class at one of the government offices in Putrajaya next week. So in order to accommodate 50 students which will be separated into 2 sessions, one session per day, I will have to go out to look for more decoupage materials.

Plus in December there will be more craft classes since I already received few requests from those interested to attend the classes – scrapbooking and decoupage at my home. I am glad that more people are interested in the art. After all there’s nothing more satisfying than reading testimonial and comments from those who have attended the classes previously and felt that they have learned a lot from me.

So in a while, (since I just wrapped up bunga dip making class just now and had lunch), Hubby is going to bring me to One Utama and IKEA, yeah you know I need to find the proper table for my notebook to be on while in the living room. Hubby said pity me for not having a better surface to put the notebook to impress my students..ceh!

Well, I will write more after my short shopping trip. See you guys later, OK! Have a great weekend :)

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  1. semua terus berjaya dan lebih banyak RM akan masyukkk hehe

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