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I Hate Cleaning!

After many months of living in messy house, (it’s messy but not dirty, OK!) I finally push myself (hard!) to clean the in and out of my house. I also did some gardening today despite the fact that my mini … Continue reading

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Splenda Just Splendid!

OK, first of all for those who never heard of the name, Splenda is a company which come out with sugar substitute, the new age sweetener like in this picture. They have all kinds of no calorie sweetener which is … Continue reading

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Are You The Gossip Girl?

There is new TV series premiering this September. If you like something like the O.C or any kind of series which revolves around life of socialite young adults growing up on New York’s Upper East Side, check out Gossip Girl. … Continue reading

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The Time of Giving

Time flies so fast this year. It’s end of August and soon we will be in festive season. Luckily for my festive season, there is hardly any custom or practice to exchange gifts, otherwise it will a headache to come … Continue reading

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The Engagement In August

As promised earlier, these are some of the pictures taken for my niece engagement ceremony. These were taken using my Sony T30, of course there are a lot more using D50 but I am yet to edit those pictures. Here … Continue reading

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