It’s Pasar Malam Night!

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Today when I go to pasar malam at the housing area behind my house, I will take some pictures of the air kelapa booth..haha!

What a resolution for the day, huh!

I usually will buy air kelapa to accompany the meal. And hopefully the Teluk Anson nasi tomato will be available as well. For supper I will buy koeyteow goreng RM1.50 from the most courteous young guy I’ve ever known. He is always very polite and never fail to thank us (with a smile) when he hands over the mee goreng and koeyteow goreng even though he is busy frying some more in the big pan. I guess his mom must have taught him well all these years.

But for now, I am feeling a little bit gloomy. I am still waiting for the items I bought from US and it’s like a never ending waiting game to see whether the postman will send the parcels or not…huhu!


Check out this wave picture. It was taken while I was on the boat to Pangkor. I was so scared that I might drop the camera into the sea..haha!

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2 Responses to It’s Pasar Malam Night!

  1. pinjam picture ye…..
    mcm mnlah perasaan klu kamera jatuh dlm laut….hilang mood nk pg bercuti….x sunburn ke?

  2. MQ

    tak sunburn pon..sebab tak sempat nak berjemur n mandi laut..suntuk sgt masa..heheh..

    kalau jatuh kamera sure meraung2 la jwbnya…

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