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Cheap Credit?

*This post is written for MungoMoney* Have you heard about cheap credit cards? However on my side of the world, I think there is yet such thing as cheap credit cards. So if you are somewhere in the UK, check … Continue reading

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More Corsages

Remember the corsage deals I told you all about last week, about the corporate dinner. Now they have some creative idea to change the corsage into fridge magnet. Instead of the gigantic size of my cinnamon bark and star anise, … Continue reading

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Going For Training?

*This post is written for Open Technology Group* For those working in technical IT area, you might have heard about all kind of industry-recognized certifications, such as MCSE, Zend PHP, Oracle Certified DBA, MySQL Certified Professional, Novell CLP and so … Continue reading

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Hop On The Technorati Train

I think it will be a dream for every serious bloggers to have a good ranking, be it Alexa, PageRank or Technorati. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s time you check your main reason for being a … Continue reading


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Tie A Yellow Ribbon

It reminds me of my Maths teacher, Mrs Ho who also taught music when I was in Form One. This is one of the songs that she taught us to sing along while she played the piano. Life as a … Continue reading

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