You Bid The Lowest

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Usually in a bid, the highest bidder will win.

But what if I tell you that if you manage to bid with the lowest unique amount, you could win a brand new Scion XB with retail price of $15410.00. Or if you want to be less ambitious perhaps a Samsung 50″ Plasma TV with a retail value of $1849.99 will do.

Take a look at this new style of bidding at Bid4Prizes. At the moment on auction they have about 3 great items for us to bid on.


I’m thinking to bid for this Scion XB but since if I win, the shipping charges to Malaysia has to be borne by me so I think I will opt for something less expensive.

I will try to come out with the lowest unique bid for this Samsung 50″ Plasma TV. I’m thinking of $1413.72 or is it too low? Oh, I forget it should be the lowest bid that win the prize, haha!

I know if I win this Plasma TV it would be like early Christmas in April for me since I have been dreaming to get a new TV to put in the bedroom for quite some times since the previous TV was struck by lightning and has gone kaput.


Well since it’s easy to bid online, I guess it will be no harm for me to try again and again. Plus every time you put on your bid amount, you will get points which later could be redeemed with items in their store.

Let’s bid people, I know most of you are lazy on Friday to finish off your work, so take a peek at Bid4prizes and who knows it might be your lucky Friday!

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