Walk The Line

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

I’ve heard about this movie but I have not had the chance to watch it. But last night while having late night supper and switching on the TV, the movie was about to be screened and I decided to take a look. For the first 10 minutes, I was hooked and decided to stay until it finished around 2:15am.


Seriously I haven’t heard about Johnny Cash not until this movie came out to cinema.

And when I read in the news that the movie won the Globe for best musical or comedy film, with both the main actor and actress won the award as well, I just know that I have to see what is it about this biopic that won the heart of many.

I think what make it special is the inner message it brought to life. In the attempt to pursue a dream in life, a woman can make or break the man, no matter how strong or fragile he may seems to be.


If only the wife could understand him more, maybe Johnny will have the success sooner and would not resort to the pills and alcohol addiction yet she just failed to be the devoted and loving wife.

As for June Carter, she embodies the strength that all women should have even if she make it through as the second woman in his life.

As he said in the movie, she’s an angel who have been there with him and be his best friend.

I guess no amount of money and fame could give you that, and I’m happy that he finally won the love of his life.

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