Tie A Yellow Ribbon

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

It reminds me of my Maths teacher, Mrs Ho who also taught music when I was in Form One. This is one of the songs that she taught us to sing along while she played the piano.

Life as a Form 1 student in that particular boarding school was not all fun. Most of the time, all we can think of is to quit, run back home and study in daily school like everybody else.

It was not that bad actually, it’s just that everyone seems to be adjusting to different kind of life than they used to have back home, trying to tolerate others while coping with life on your own – learning to serve the table, do your own laundry while catching up on homework and dodging the bullying seniors..haha!

If you have been living your teenage life in a boarding school, I’m sure you’ll understand what I mean.


Well, about this yellow ribbon, I almost have a heart attack last night when I noticed instead of creamy yellow ribbons, I bought a corn yellow instead. I don’t know what went inside my head when I chose the ribbons at that crowded craft shop. I specifically made a list of what to buy, even stuck a piece of ribbon as sample on the paper yet I came back home with the wrong color.

Now, what do I have to do with all these yellow ribbons?

Tie a yellow ribbon round the ole oak tree
It’s been three long years, do ya still want me
If I don’t see a ribbon round the ole oak tree
I’ll stay on the bus, forget about us
Put the blame on me
If I don’t see a yellow ribbon round the ole oak tree”
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