The Explosive Sardines

A d v e r t i s e m e n t


I was conducting my bunga telur making class on Sunday, when I heard explosive sound…even the students were surprised and they wondered about the origin of the sound. While investigating the whereabout of the sound in my living hall (which connected to the dining area), I noticed the tudung saji on the dining table was moving, like something underneath it was actually trying to move out…huhuhuhu..maybe the revenge of cicak man again, since last time a poor cicak fellow fall into my jug of soya bean..yucks….bodoh punya cicak…that time I have to wait for hubby to come back and throw out the cicak since I was too geli to handle it…yikessss…

So this time, with the tremor underneath the tudung saji, I didn’t dare to open it, called hubby upstairs to come down and do further investigation..rupa-rupanya the tempered glass cover of my Maxim pan exploded…hhuhuhuhuhu…maybe because of the air pressure inside the pan itself, plus the heat under the tudung saji….now I know even sambal sardine can kill…I cooked the sardines to make sandwiches for my students, since I was rushing that morning, I did not send the empty pot to the kitchen, left it under the tudung saji…bak kata hubby, dah nak meletup, nak buat mcm mana kan…luckily it exploded under the tudung saji, kalau dia explode in the kitchen, jadi kerja nak kutip kaca2 tu semua…

Now, my Maxim pot got no glass cover, maybe it’s calling for Tefal new pot….hahahahha…hint hint nak beli periuk baru…muahahhaha…

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2 Responses to The Explosive Sardines

  1. sya

    huih! mau t-fal ka? eh, camno sadin ko leh meletup? haha.. musykil aku..
    ps* t-fal tgh sale :D

  2. MQ

    tu la aku pon musykil..tapi aku pikir secara saintifik je la atas2 sebab lojik boleh meletup..heran jugak aku…bukan aku tutup panas2 pon…ikutkan hati mmg nak tefal tu tapi duit tak cukup nak belanja yg tak perlu…tunggu ada untung lebih baru bleh shopping sakan..ahaks!

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