Almost Year End

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Last Saturday, during Raya visit, someone said that I’ve not been updating this blog. Yes, it’s true. Rasa malas sgt nak mengadap screen PC ni esp. after the whole day at work ngadap PC, kdg2 tu nak check email pon malas…I just want to lie down and rest my mind off from all these techie stuffs, though no matter how hard I try, the other non-techie stuffs are waiting for my perusal. Stuffs such as house cleaning, washing, ironing, kemas meja makan… (rasa mcm back in boarding school la plak…that’s another those TKCians yg understand, rasanya bila dah kawin sama je la mcm dok kat kolej dulu..still kena serve meja, kena buat washing, iron baju sekolah n tudung..ketuk karpet masa house cleaning hari Ahad)…it’s the same life now, different status je…hehehe :)

Well punya la lama tak masuk dapor sampai I realized my sudip, senduk kayu semua actually tumbuh kulat..yucks…tambah plak sekarang musim hujan, and those sudips dekat tepi tingkap, hujan panas, lembap n kering helps those kulat to grow…..waaaa…what a sad view, tapi tak pe dah beli sudip n senduk kayu baru kat IKEA…ala yg 3 batang 2 ringgit tu la…so lepas ni kalau tumbuh kulat lagi, yg lama tu kasik buang…ahaks…

Talking bout pegi IKEA ni, last2 week I bawak my sister in law sekeluarga melawat IKEA, actually both of us pon dah lama tak pegi, almost a year dah, tapi tak bestnya on the day tu kena migraine la plak, first time plak tu, ingatkan the nite before tu tido jatuh bantal ke sebab leher rasa kebas, cam berat je…then later can feel all the numb feelings separuh kepala…terpaksa la amik Ponston sebab panadol pon dah tak jln, annoying la rasa dia.. tak suka…nak survey2 brg pon tak de semangat, however despite the migraine semangat interior design dah renewed, byk la benda nak organized lepas tgk2 kat IKEA tu, plan nak pasang rak2 kat dapor semua…byk sgt things cluttered on the floor, tapi bila la agaknya nak boleh buat semua tu kan….hopefully this weekend boleh la…tu pon kalau tak nak pegi kenduri kawin kat Melaka…hahahha…

Oh yeah it reminds me, next Monday is my wedding anniversary, 2 years ago on this same date we were officially on the paper and legally in the eye of God to be pronounced as husband and wife. Time passed by so quickly, kan…and I honestly never regret a single moment of it, truly…
Quoting from the sitcom Mad About You which I happened to watch over the weekend, there are million things I want in life, but now I have the only one I really need…and that’s what marriage is all about…

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  1. jazmin

    wah…farah….nice quote… terasa macam nak kawin balik uwaaaa … – jayjay

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