Monday Blues

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

I hate to wake up to work on Monday. But I did and though not much was done at work on Moday, I felt teribbly tired. I tried to stay awake to watch Everybody Loves Raymond on Astro but half way through I just could not open my eyes. Aarghh..the agony of work or more to having to go to work…So I slept around 9:30pm and woke up around 8am on Tuesday morning, feeling much, much better.

It was Tuesday and I had the whole day attending induction. The information condensed briefing given by the 4 managers were enough to kill any functional brain. By the end of it I had headache, not so much due to the induction session but I think because I did not have rice for my lunch…hahhaha…oh yeah, one of the bosses treated us Dim Sum at Cyberview Garden’s Chinese restaurant…it was halal definitely…there’s a plus minus in this working world definitely…

Oh…3 of us had to move to back end office because EM people need the cubicles to do their testing. So at the end of the day, I had to pull out all the cables, moved my CPU, keyboard , mouse and flat panel to the new cubicle, even pushed the pedestal to the temporary place just to get comfortable for the next day work.

Once I reached home, I felt very,very tired and feel like sleeping after dinner. I watered the plants and then I realized my henna plant has leaves…only few days ago while I was trimming the grass I thought of pulling the branch out from the polybag because it seems not to be growing at all. The wonder of living, just when you thought there’s no hope, it blooms and shows us how incredible the miracle of life can be…

Oh the good part of the day, I called my old, good friend to ask for her favour and we exchanged stories and news…some people never change over the years, and it feels really comforting to have that kind of people in your life…and to wrap up my day, Hubby fried me the Pacific West Seafood combo..thanks honey…nyeh nyeh…

I’m off to sleep, another day at work tomorrow…wish it’s Friday rather than Wednesday..isk isk…(do I really hate to work that much?? ) hehehe…

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  1. nur

    hehe. ketara sungguh semgt ke’homemaker’an ko nih..takpe ape pun aku wish ko happy selalu..:)

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