Lonely, I am So Lonely…

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

My Goldfish, Nano has been a widow for the past few months. All the other 3 goldfishes died, one after another. Hubby was so sure that Nano is a guy fish, but I persistently knew that she must be a girl. No man could last few months without the company of someone. Ever since the devastating lost of the other 3, Nano has been very healthy and did not even show any sign of deteriorating. When those 3 died of constipation which led to dropsy, rotting fins and tails infection, I was hoping that Nano would follow soon. I was so frustrated with goldfish at that time. The medical trip to Pets Wonderland in Midvalley was worthless after hundreds spent on the medication. After Kenit died of dropsy, I bought Nano and Piko to accompany Si Gemuk. This time I bought Nano and Piko from a different pet shop. Not even a month passed by, Si Gemuk died because of rotting fins. It must be contagious as Piko followed Gemuk death after few days. I guess Nano must be one kind of survivor with higher antibody. I’ve been contemplating the thought to buy another pair of goldfish to accompany Nano, but what if those new pair bring harmful germs and infection which lead to Nano’s demise. She must be so lonely, swimming alone without any fish friends in the tank, but for her own good I rather let her be…

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2 Responses to Lonely, I am So Lonely…

  1. ady

    I named nano & pico after the nano text editor, and its cousin pico.

    I just realized that I am a nerd. :-P

  2. MQ

    I thought we named them after the SI Unit, u know… Deci, centi, mili, mikro, nano, piko, femto, ato, zepto…looking from engineering prespective..hahah..:)

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