Baked Lemon Cheesecake

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After so many weeks of planning to bake a lemon cheesecake, I managed to do so last night after a shopping trip to Carrefour. I finally bought a kitchen scale, to make sure all my baking ingredients are accurate in weight. :)) Though in my baked cheesecake recipe I only have to weight 190g of caster sugar. Will try other recipes that require many weighing tasks so that the kitchen scale will be used to the maximum potential..hahaha..

Oh..I also bought a carton of whipping cream as required in the recipe. Few weeks ago I’ve made a cheesecake which has Digestive biscuits as its crumb with mixed fruit jam as topping. Since hubby said he prefers baked cheesecake like the one we bought in La Boheme Jusco, I’ve decided to try to bake one. I don’t have a round baking pan so I used the meatloaf pan. It was hard to cut the cake nicely. Perhaps next time I’ll buy a 9-in. non stick springform pan or one with a smaller size.

This is the close up look of my lemon cheesecake. I need to practise more with my oven so that I know how to control its temperature. I think the heat in the oven was not even since my cake was too brown on one side.

Overall it was a really enjoyable experience to try my hands in baking. Although my cheesecake did not look that good in presentation, but the taste was so yummy. Very creamy and cheesy, a Secret Recipe almost like taste.

Anybody wants to have a slice? Give me a visit then….

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5 Responses to Baked Lemon Cheesecake

  1. budakchomel

    yummy sedapnya… hehe thanks for dropping by at my blog.. tapi saya dah bertukar url..

    silah lawat ek..

  2. Shahida

    cam menarik jek kek tu. U ni suri rumah sepenuh masa ek? bagusnyeeee

  3. nur

    aku nak aku nak..bila aku leh gi bertandang rumah ko ni ek? ;)

  4. MQ

    to iena n shida: tima kasih dtg melawat

    to yus: bila ko nak dtg..sound la awal2..leh masak2 jamu ko, tu pon kalau aku tak ke mana2 skit la bulan ni…

  5. nadia

    sedapnya! lame dh i cari resepi cheesecake yg the one like jusco. mana nk dpt resepi eh?

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