A KitKat Transformers Birthday Cake

I have decided to have a KitKat cake for my son’s 7th birthday this year.

I have a friend, Luscious Brownies & Cakes who made delicious cake for almost all my son’s party all these years. So after finding a good example of KitKat cake, I have requested the cake to be sent like this.


The reason why there’s no decoration on top of the cake is because I was not sure how to put the Optimus Prime (which has been transformed to a truck, as shown in the next picture) on the cake.


Dear Son decorated his own birthday cake a few hours before the party started. We bought Maltesers, M&M and tiny chocolate chips from Jaya Grocer. The initial plan was to put a lot of those choc pieces but after some thoughtful consideration we only used a little bit of each, so as not to have a crowded looking cake.


The candles were bought in Toys R Us. Found one with number 7 in Alamanda branch.

The kids who came for the party were excited to have the KitKat, not so much for the cake. Their parents were the one who seem to enjoy eating the cake, haha!

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Strom Color Diamond Pan

I have been watching GoShop on Astro quite religiously lately, well you know the fun of seeing how they demo merchandise and how it could help ease your life, you get the idea..heh!

So after watching several rerun of this Strom Color Diamond Pan demo, I decided to buy it. At that time I got discounted online coupon of RM20, so instead of the retail price of RM149, I bought this for RM129 with free shipping in Peninsular Malaysia.


When I got the pans out of the box, I said to myself, now these look lousy. Seriously! It is very lightweight, like you are holding cooking pan toy. I am used to the heavy feel of hard anodized Tefal set so I assumed that these Strom pans would be a mistake to buy.


But once I started to use them in my daily cooking, I kind of love the lightweight quality. It’s easy to wash and rinse in the kitchen sink and the smallest pan is just the right size to make omelette or other simple dishes for my son’s meal.

The best part of these pans is the depth that they have. Usually imported pans like Tefal are wide and shallow and are not really practical for Asian cooking in general. But since this Strom Color Diamond Pan is originated from Korea, I guess they cater to the style of cooking and type of meals we Asians usually have at home.

For now, I am not sure how long lasting the diamond coating will be but so far it’s worth my money. I have cooked sambal, nasi goreng, stir fry vege, fried chicken pieces for nasi ayam in deep oil, well almost all the normal Malay cooking style and yes, it doesn’t stick and really easy to clean afterwards.

So, if you are still thinking whether you should buy this Strom pan set, I’d say go on and buy them. Have fun cooking great food for your family and friends!

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Transformers Pinata

In less than three weeks I have to get everything ready for son #1 birthday party.

Today I’m going out to find empty cardboard boxes so that I cut them and turn those boards into this pinata.


I have also bought crepe papers in Popular bookstore a few weeks ago to decorate the pinata.


I am still not sure which shape of pinata I want to make for this party. The easier one is of course the round one in the first picture.

We’ll see how it goes. :)

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Adult Coloring Trend

I’m sure most of us are aware about the current trend for adult coloring.

Somehow despite the busy life, grown ups are interested to dabble in coloring nicely printed pages in book and art pad, heh!

I already have a few brand of color pencils and cheap pastels which I bought for my son to do his coloring but these are the new materials that I would love to give it a try.


Mungyo Gallery soft pastels set

These extra soft pastels are formulated from the finest pigments and calcium carbonate to ensure the most brilliant velvet texture possible. Colors are fade resistant and will blend perfectly.


Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils

The above picture is the set of 132 color pencils.

These premium pencils feature creamy, soft cores that are perfect for blending or shading and high quality pigments for rich color saturation.


I am still thinking on how to get the 132 pieces because of the price (retail around USD92). I think if I couldn’t save enough money, I might as well get the one in 72 pieces set (retail around USD59).


Koi Water Color Field Sketch Kit

Half pan watercolor paints, formulated to blend easily and create an endless range of colors.

A refillable water brush to transport and store water while on the road

The one shown in the picture above is the Sketch Box Set of 24

The 24-color postcard-size set contains a water brush with a large water reservoir barrel, a detachable medium brush tip, and two dabbing sponges. The set’s snap lid doubles as an easel for postcard-size paper, and a detachable palette with mixing wells secures to the base of the set at the right side, left side, or center.


The picture above is Chameleon Pens Set of 5 in primary tones.

These pens is an innovative marker system that lets you change the color tone of your pen. Multiple color tones can create 3D – highlighting – shading – gradations. The pens are double-ended with both Japanese brush nib and bullet nib. Each has professional-quality ink and compatible with other alcohol-based markers (like Copics?) It is refillable and the nibs are replaceable.

The pens also come in a complete set of 22, with detail pen and blender pen.

For now I have to save a lot of money if I were to buy each item in my wish list, heh!

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Rouge Royale Blooming In October


I think the last time I blog about this Rouge Royale was in June, right? Time flies, and without we even noticing it, we are already in the final week of October.

Here is some interesting info about Rouge Royale taken from starrosesandplants.com:

The deep burgundy red buds open to reveal perfectly quartered bright raspberry red, old-fashioned blooms. These sturdy blooms hold up well in rain and heat and have a sweet fragrance of citrus and fresh ripe berries. Winner of the Fragrance Award at the Rose Hills International Rose Trials in 2003.

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