A Visit To KL Bird Park

It’s been almost 8 years since our last visit to KL Bird Park. We went again last weekend because my eldest son requested for it. As a birds non lover, haha..I definitely don’t enjoy having to guard myself from being followed by all those birds. But then a mother must do what she must do, right.


The rate for the entrance ticket is RM27 for adult and RM13 for children above 3 years old. That’s the rate for locals with Malaysian identification card, mind you.


The bird park is quite large, and with the current weather, be warned that you’ll be sweating so bad even before 12 noon. Oh, do you know that birds don’t sweat? I just read the info in one of the exhibition area on the way to exit.


If you are there during 12.30pm and 3.30pm, go watch the bird show. Son #1 was not happy because he was not selected as a volunteer in the show. Maybe next time we’ll go again.


On the opposite side of the bird show area, you can see all these freshwater birds like ibis, heron and stork.

This is how a scarlet ibis looks like.


From there you’ll get to see a place where there are crane, mandarin duck and koi in the pond. Make sure you bring 50 cents coins with you if you want to buy the fish & bird food from the machine.


The picture above is two cranes. I only know cranes made from origami paper :)


The owls are having hard time trying to catch some sleep because there are so many visitors during day time. Pity them!


On the way to the bird show area you’ll pass by photo booth area. For RM38 you get to take pictures with all these birds on your head, on your arm and even on your thigh. Those cockatoo, macaw, parrot and lori are so cheerful and colorful. The picture will be printed and put in a paper frame. Very nice for your memory sake in KL bird park.

Oh, no outside food and drinks is allowed so be prepared to pay for expensive bottled and can drinks. Overall it was a fun but definitely hot and tiring trip, especially when you have to carry a toddler on your shoulder most of the time.

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Kelas Asas Decoupage March 2018


Untuk yang masih mencari tempat untuk belajar seni decoupage, kelas seterusnya akan diadakan pada 25 March 2018, hari Sabtu jam 2 hingga 5 petang bertempat di Puchong.

Peserta kelas akan diajar asas mewarna permukaan, menggunting dan menampal tisu, teknik shading, menekap tulisan dan mewarna tulisan di atas medium decoupage. Setelah semuanya siap, pinggan atau frame kayu akan divarnish.

Yuran untuk kelas asas ini sangat berpatutan, hanya RM80. Medium decoupage yang digunakan untuk kelas adalah dari jenama Jo Sonja, Americana dan Plaid. Kelas komersial di luar selalunya mengenakan caj dari RM150 ke atas.

Jika berminat untuk menyertai kelas ini, anda boleh hubungi saya menerusi email farah[at]bungatelur.com atau sms/WA ke 012 6482121.

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The Trip To Kellie’s Castle, Perak

I’ve heard about Kellie’s Castle many times but never thought I would actually go and visit the place. However since the castle was on the way from the destination we went to a few months ago, I decided to stop and have a look.


Some people claim that the castle is haunted but fortunately I didn’t see any paranormal activity while we were there..hehe! I researched about the castle after we came home and found many interesting info here : Kellie’s Castle


The Kellie’s Castle was meant to be the center of the wealthy colonial planters and administrators to socialize. The mansion was built with a six storey tower, magnificent columns and even a wine cellar. There was also to be a rooftop courtyard for holding parties and an elevator which was at that time, the first in the country of Malaysia. Though plans were grand and full of luxury, the building was never completed. Construction began in 1915 but came to a halt in December 1926 with the unexpected death of its owner, William Kellie Smith.

Info taken from attractionsinmalaysia.com.


The entrance ticket is RM5 for adult, and RM3 for kids. It is open from 9am till 6pm. If you are a history buff and already in the area of Ipoh, go have a look. Who knows you might see some ghost apparitions while you are there!

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Seafood Delivery – Shop Online Direct To Your Front Door

Last month I tried the service of Seafood Delivery after reading the advertisement in Facebook. They deliver fresh seafood from Kuala Perlis direct to your front door for the Klang Valley area.

The price quoted in the package is inclusive of the delivery charge. If you want to add on items you can do so after choosing one of the packages. The cheapest package is RM45 for package A.



For the first purchase I chose package E1 and add 1kg of ikan kembung. They sent the items around 5pm as per my request since I was home. For those who are working, they do their seafood delivery at night.


The 1kg of ikan kembung as in the above picture were all cleaned and packed nicely. You just have to pack it in your own packaging to store in the freezer for later use. What I love the most about the fish they delivered is that it was very fresh. The way they cleaned the fish is also very neat.


The half chicken was cut into pieces. You just have to rinse with clean water and it will be ready to be cooked.


Even the squids were cleaned. So you don’t have to worry about cleaning the squid ink. The beef was cut into big chunks like that. They sell imported beef, not the local one.


The prawn was not deshelled. Some people might prefer to have the shell intact when cooking certain dish with prawn. The other pack in the picture was ikan selayang/sardin. The fish was cleaned properly just like the 1kg ikan kembung I ordered separately from the package.

Overall I am really satisfied with their service. All the communication between the seller and me, and the delivery person was done via WhatsApp. It is convenient to get all the wet ingredients like chicken, fish and prawn delivered to your doorstep without having to brave the traffic.

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Using a Reindeer Hide Rug in Modern Décor

Modern decor plans are all about using space well. Each homeowner will need to think about all areas of the house and how best to make them workable. For many people, the answer lies in the details. Effective details help make the space come alive. Today’s apartment dwellings and homeowners think carefully about whatever they do. This includes the kind of flooring they choose to use. The right flooring can also help any room come alive with texture and color. When looking for flooring, many people find that a rug is the right choice for their personal needs. A rug can help create a defined space that works and allows the room to serve as a refuge when getting home after a long hard day.

Using a Rug

A rug should be used carefully in any space. This is particularly true of reindeer hide rugs. Rugs made from reindeer skin can be used in many varied ways. Some people choose to place them on floor. Doing so helps the room come alive and makes it easy to create special spaces that allow for pleasantly intimate conversation. A rug of this type can also be used in order to help set the stage for other items in there. For example, it can be easily placed on the couch or a love seat so as to help create a luxurious item for people to admire and sit on.

Where to Place the Rug

Another consideration is where to place the reindeer hide rug. Such rugs can work well in any area of the home. Many people choose to place the reindeer skin rug in the center of the room to help show it off. The rug can also be placed in a corner as part of an overall decorating scheme. One person may decide that it makes sense to use the rug to cordon off a section of the room and make it feel much cozier. The rug can also be used on the wall to help set this corner off from the rest of the space. A rug can serve as a form of decoration that melds well with other elements in the room including other throws and other pictures.

Crafting a Unified Space

Each homeowner should think about how they can create a unified space in their entire home. For some people, this means a space that has many elements. For others, a single element such as a rug can be paired with a few other upscale items to create a look that is all about the use of contemporary space. In doing so, each person can create a room that is entirely their own. When looking at the rug, keep in mind that it can work well in any part of the room including near windows as well as near a door or a terrace. The net result is a unified and coherent space that works well from every single angle. To view more animal skin rugs click here.

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