Double Delight In The Garden


I love this rose. It’s called double delight.

Searching more info about it on, I found out interesting facts about rose like it that change color from white/cream to red/dark pink.

“Some roses fade in the sun, some roses darken in the sun, some roses actually change color in the sun. Roses such as ‘Elina’,’Double Delight’, ‘Headliner’, ‘Color Magic’ and ‘Paradise’ all show these traits.”

‘Double Delight’ was almost discarded because it was thought to be just another WHITE rose. Only later were its phototropic characteristics seen when it turned red in the sun.

This hybrid tea rose is also very fragrant. It’s the main reason why I choose to buy it in the first place.

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Transformers Theme Birthday

My son will turn 7 this year. We thought we will not do any birthday party but then I changed my mind and decided to go with Transformers theme this year.


I’ve already bought this scene setter from ebay and it’s on its way to Malaysia.

I’ve also bought some Transformers themed balloons. Will have to go to Spotlight later to buy the helium tank kit.


Next in my list is to find figurines to put on the birthday cake. I am still not sure what to put in the goodie packs for the children who will come to the party.

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The Rose Garden


I’ve been fortunate this Ramadhan month because my roses have been blooming continuously. This one that I’m sharing the picture is Rouge Royale.

At the moment I counted there are 10 buds coming out soon, which hopefully have not been attacked by thrips. If the buds get attacked by thrips, there are big chances that it will not bloom nicely.

Despite the time constraint, I managed to fertilize the rose plants according to the schedule. I also take some time every 1-2 days to prune the dead blossoms and get rid of all the leaves that have black spot.

Hopefully this time my rose plants will last longer.

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What Does Aidilfitri Mean To Me As A Parent


We are on a Day 5 of Ramadhan Year 2015 today. Alhamdulillah, I still managed to fast full day despite having a breastfed toddler. With Son #1, I lost many days of fasting because he demanded milk all the time, unlike his younger brother.

Anyway, I came across the picture of lampu lip lap which I put on this blog many years ago from a link at someone’s blog. That reminds me that I want to buy a new design for this year. Perhaps something more elaborate or more Christmas-y like the one I envied at the house by the road. I could buy something like what they put up at the pelamin nowadays but no, no I want it very Aidilfitri feeling, with ketupat and whatnot..if you get what I mean.

Coming back to the post title, what does Aidilfitri means to me once I became a parent?

It’s about making good memories.

It doesn’t matter if at 6 years old, my autistic son has no idea of what this festive season really is, in fact after all these years of Ramadhan and Aidilfitri, he still didn’t understand why we go to Pasar Ramadhan to buy food, or why Mama and Abah are not eating during daytime and why we eat during Maghrib time..sigh!

Now that his younger brother is one year plus, I feel that there’s hope that at least one of my children will get to enjoy this festive season more deeply. I envision the day when we gather to cook for berbuka, and then we’ll enjoy the dishes and then when it’s time to celebrate Hari Raya, we will make kuih raya and I will get to cook their favorite Raya dishes so that they could enjoy it.

Well, a mother can only hope so much :)

But for now, I want to create good memories with them. So that one day when they grow up, whenever they describe to their family on what Aidilfitri with me as their mom feels like, it is something cherished and loving, happy and joyful. Hopefully they will remember the lampu lip lap..heh!

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Malaysia Online Shopping – How To Shop Smart Via Online

Online shopping can be convenient and most of the time, easy. I personally enjoy shopping online more than going out to shop at the normal stores nowadays. However like anything else, there are a few Malaysia online shopping tips we need to consider before we start dipping with the benefits of online shopping.


Should I tell you to buy only things that you can pay for? No. But it’s easy to lose your head and ruin your budget. Before you start shopping online, write the maximum amount that you can actually afford to spend. Stick to it and do not exceed it. Make a note on a Post-it, stick it to your laptop screen as a reminder. Pay attention to the shipping costs too!


Buy only from trusted websites or online boutiques with the highest rating. This is because you only do business with those who can trust.


Before you start buying, consider to check on the return policy. Usually most online shopping websites in Malaysia have a written return policy that offer a 100% refund within 30 days of purchase.


When buying products of expensive brands urge yourself to verify the authenticity. If you’ve had your eyes on a branded dress that retails for RM1500 and you find it online for half that amount, make ways to check whether the dress is fake or not


On the internet, plastic is king. Paying with your credit card or debit card means you can secure a refund if you need one. This would help to ease the dispute that might erupt later.

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