The Birthday Month


I love April.

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Bunga Telur Rose Merah


This is one of the simplest bunga telur design you can make on your own if you don’t have enough budget to pay for custom made bunga telur.

Just buy artificial flowers that you like from floral wholesaler, cut the stem and assemble it on the bunga telur stick. Add on any kind of ribbons that suit the color theme.


The above full pahar consists of 30 bunga telur, just nice for you to boil a tray of eggs bought from pasar borong :) This bunga pahar can also be given as part of hantaran or being used during acara merenjis.

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A KitKat Transformers Birthday Cake

I have decided to have a KitKat cake for my son’s 7th birthday this year.

I have a friend, Luscious Brownies & Cakes who made delicious cake for almost all my son’s party all these years. So after finding a good example of KitKat cake, I have requested the cake to be sent like this.


The reason why there’s no decoration on top of the cake is because I was not sure how to put the Optimus Prime (which has been transformed to a truck, as shown in the next picture) on the cake.


Dear Son decorated his own birthday cake a few hours before the party started. We bought Maltesers, M&M and tiny chocolate chips from Jaya Grocer. The initial plan was to put a lot of those choc pieces but after some thoughtful consideration we only used a little bit of each, so as not to have a crowded looking cake.


The candles were bought in Toys R Us. Found one with number 7 in Alamanda branch.

The kids who came for the party were excited to have the KitKat, not so much for the cake. Their parents were the one who seem to enjoy eating the cake, haha!

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Strom Color Diamond Pan

I have been watching GoShop on Astro quite religiously lately, well you know the fun of seeing how they demo merchandise and how it could help ease your life, you get the idea..heh!

So after watching several rerun of this Strom Color Diamond Pan demo, I decided to buy it. At that time I got discounted online coupon of RM20, so instead of the retail price of RM149, I bought this for RM129 with free shipping in Peninsular Malaysia.


When I got the pans out of the box, I said to myself, now these look lousy. Seriously! It is very lightweight, like you are holding cooking pan toy. I am used to the heavy feel of hard anodized Tefal set so I assumed that these Strom pans would be a mistake to buy.


But once I started to use them in my daily cooking, I kind of love the lightweight quality. It’s easy to wash and rinse in the kitchen sink and the smallest pan is just the right size to make omelette or other simple dishes for my son’s meal.

The best part of these pans is the depth that they have. Usually imported pans like Tefal are wide and shallow and are not really practical for Asian cooking in general. But since this Strom Color Diamond Pan is originated from Korea, I guess they cater to the style of cooking and type of meals we Asians usually have at home.

For now, I am not sure how long lasting the diamond coating will be but so far it’s worth my money. I have cooked sambal, nasi goreng, stir fry vege, fried chicken pieces for nasi ayam in deep oil, well almost all the normal Malay cooking style and yes, it doesn’t stick and really easy to clean afterwards.

So, if you are still thinking whether you should buy this Strom pan set, I’d say go on and buy them. Have fun cooking great food for your family and friends!

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Transformers Pinata

In less than three weeks I have to get everything ready for son #1 birthday party.

Today I’m going out to find empty cardboard boxes so that I cut them and turn those boards into this pinata.


I have also bought crepe papers in Popular bookstore a few weeks ago to decorate the pinata.


I am still not sure which shape of pinata I want to make for this party. The easier one is of course the round one in the first picture.

We’ll see how it goes. :)

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